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So this is something I wanted to ask you ladies. Is this self love or selfish? I currently have an illness that qualifies me for intermittent FMLA. I have been missing a lot of work, and not necessarily because I "feel sick". I want to use this time to connect better with my body, with my soul. I'm connecting better with my boyfriend and our beautiful son. I'm also getting triggered more. I have a shorter fuse. I'm using this time to dive into those triggers. I want to come out on the other side of this with a better understanding of who I am and what I, me, Jen, really needs and wants.

I also grew up in a time where work ethic and attendance are highly valued. You don't call into work unless you're dying. I feel guilty about not going to work. Will my boss hate me? Will my coworkers hate me? Am I lazy? Am I bad employee? Am I a selfish person? If I'm not working what am I doing instead to make up for it? Am I worried so much about other people I'm not even taking care of myself!? Am I wasting this time? Am I selfish?

Some people might say, "just go to work then," but idk I have this little voice whispering "No, Jen, not today" and I'm following it because I can.

Nicole Sutton

Hi Jen!! I totally relate as well. I still highly value work ethic but I also have learned that I get to choose to work. I have the choice to say no and stay home if I need to. Yes, work is a priority and it is important for so many reasons. But, you have an illness that needs to be addressed! Who you are and what you want are essentials to life!! Including how you show up at work! So I think you are doing the right thing by listening to your body. The FMLA aspect is protecting you to be ABLE to take this time and use it as you see fit. Your intention is to better yourself and heal. That just may look different now.



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