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Life & Empowerment Coach


          Welcome to Courage Coaching!

I am Nicole, your dedicated Life and Empowerment Coach. As your Coach, I have a passion for helping you identify the patterns in your life that are keeping you from showing up as your authentic self. 

Have you ever heard the phrase “ Kids are like sponges”?

Well its true in all aspects, not just learning in school but learning in life as well.

Becoming the “Nice Girl” didn't happen over night. You developed this mentality through conditioning of parents, coaches, teachers, and even religious leaders. You learned to alter yourself based on the expectations of the people around you.

Although, this may have served you as a child because you remained as the  'nice girl' and received praise. As an adult, this is often the very thing that is holding you back.

From saying "yes" when you mean "no", to not sharing your true feelings, walking on egg shells when someone is upset around you,  trying to fix and take on problems that are yours, ... sound familiar?

Those were some of the very things holding me back as well. That need to please, lack of boundaries and putting everyone before myself. Left me seeking approval from everyone because I didn't believe in myself. 

As I peeled back the layers in the behavior's that were making me show up as the "nice Girl". I realized that underneath those insecurities lied my biggest strengths and it was only by bring these to life that I was able  to discover this confident, joyful women that is so damn proud of myself.

I am on a mission to helping other women do the same.

Are you ready to start being who you are truly meant to be?

What they are saying..

Kelly, AZ

"Nicole helped me find grounding in uncertain times. She really allowed me to dig deep and look at all sides of the decisions I was making. We have all had to deal with so much change over the past 2 years and Nicole helped me to focus on ways to forgive and better myself, while making incredibly powerful changes at the same time. Im so grateful."

Jennifer, WA

“I was thinking about the work we’ve done and this analogy came to mind... Life for me has been like being in a vast ocean and just treading water. Constantly treading water. I could give up, but that meant sinking down into the darkness and not being able to breathe at all. No matter how tired I was or how much it hurt I’d tread water. I thought that’s just how to keep your head above water. Until working with you. Working with you taught me how to float. Just float. It’s the same ocean, It’s the same waves, It’s the same storm, but they are not trying to drown me. I can relax, breathe and experience it all.

Julie, AZ

" I am self employed, a mom, a friend, and in a new relationship after being a widow for the past 6 years. The work Nicole, who I describe as "so much wisdom in a young body" and I have done has been invaluable and life changing. I love how she listens and through that guides me to keep reaching for my goal which is to show up for myself in all these areas, light hearted and confident."

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